Jan 24, 2012

Space Punks!

On the city-planet Karic, below it's gleaming skyscrapers and suspended parks and gardens, lies the Undercity.  This is where Karic's downtrodden masses reside, forming the backbone of the most powerful empire in the galaxy.

Over the last couple days, I've done a number of quick ink sketches, trying to get a feel for the denizens of the Undercity.

1-  This was the first of the batch, and certainly the weakest, stylistically.  Just getting myself warmed up.

2-  This man could be a factory foreman, or maybe an ex-military gun-for-hire.  Either way, everything about this man's posture and appearance says: "Son, I am disappoint."

3-  This girl looks like she can handle herself, and almost certainly has no reservations about punching out anyone who makes a move on her.  In short, those boots were made for curb-stomping.

4-  As soon as I had this guy's face sketched out, I knew I wanted him to have a cool, slick demeanor.  He's  far and away my favorite of the bunch.

5&6-  Just a couple of close-up studies of 3 and 4 above.

7-  Abstract geometric and industrial tattoo designs are in vogue among the Undercity dwellers.

So yeah, this is a pretty good example of the format you can expect from this blog.  Once I get all settled in, I'll probably slow my pace to two or three posts per week.

Good day, all.

Jan 23, 2012

Well, This is New.

Hello all, whether you be friends, acquaintances or just people who ran across this blog by accident.

I'm Geoff.  I'm an artist.  Not the "artsy" kind of artist, mind you.  I'm a draftsman, and I specialize in designing characters, technology and set pieces, primarily of the sci-fi persuasion, but I do enjoy a spot of fantasy every so often.

I'm currently taking a semester off from my college education to hone my drawing ability, as well as improving my digital art skills, and generally just trying to get my act together.

I post most of my finished works to my DeviantArt account, but I produce a far greater number of works than is reflected there.  I sketch on a constant basis, and produce heaps of line art that never makes it to the coloring stage; sometimes the lines never even get finished.  Despite that, there are a lot of these unfinished works that I feel are still worth a peek, but just not quite up to par with my "finished" works.

So I suppose this blog will be a new experience for me.  I look forward to getting stuff posted here, and in this setting, I may be inclined to give more background information on the works than I might otherwise.

And so, I conclude this first post with a digitally-colored sketch of a terrifying, moderately cute, and most certainly unstable cyborg, Reina Cloude.