May 23, 2012

Like Section 9, But Not

Another fairly short post, as I'll be in California for the next few days, away from my lovely computer.

I've recently been doing some work on a character who plays a fairly important role in parts of the Novus Imperium storyline I've been developing, but who until now has received fairly little attention in terms of artwork: Captain Jerid Bannon.  He is a member of "Green Team," an elite group of Karic special forces operatives with police cross-training, tasked with protecting Karic from internal threats (I had initially come up with this description a couple months back.  Immediately after typing it out, I realized that if you replace "Karic" with "Japan" in that sentence I basically just described Ghost in the Shell's "Section 9."  Appropriate, since they fill similar roles).

My latest design for the good captain:

I've tried to improve on his original helmet/face designs (originals can be seen here: Link).  The new helmet especially looks more aggressive.

That's about all I've got at the moment., though readers of this blog do get a sneak-preview of this year's updated reference of my character Reina Cloude, showcasing a new digital inking style:

It's still in the middle stages, obviously.  The full reference will of course be a full-body front and back multiview, with a background.

Previous references:

Stay tuned next Wednesday, as I'll be doing a special extra-long entry on starship design.

Until then, cheerio!

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