Mar 6, 2013

"Welcome to Pandora, kiddos."

So I finally got around to buying Gearbox's Borderlands 2 a couple weeks back and I've been thoroughly sucked back into the world of Pandora.  There won't be any spoilers ahead; the game's only been out a few months and not everyone's gotten around to playing it yet.

Anyway, it's gotten me working on my own team of intrepid Vault Hunters, all of whom are based on mine and my younger brother's original characters.  I've only completed a reference for Reina as The Huntress so far.  But that's what this blog post is about:  The preliminary work on the other members of the team.

First up is Trent as The Veteran, based on Reina's counterpart Trent Valimund.  He's ex-Hyperion (a nod to Roland being ex-Crimson Lance in the original Borderlands) and is roughly equivalent to Roland or Axton.  His Action Skill is to materialize his own heavy renegade version of Hyperion Engineer power armor around himself, briefly granting him additional speed, durability, and melee and gun damage.  I've done a nice ink line head portrait of him, but I've only got a couple small loose pencil sketches as to the rest of him:

The other character who's actually nearing completion is based on one of my little brother's characters:  Introducing Charbelle as The Pseudo-Siren.  A mad scientist obsessed with Sirens, she has fabricated a massive powered gauntlet fueled by Eridium which lets her effect Siren-like powers (albeit more clumsily than any of the six natural Sirens):

I'm unsure as to the exact nature of her Action Skill.  At present I'm thinking she would be able to cause a phase blast to emanate from a targeted enemy, inflicting splash damage on any nearby baddies.

So I guess this is just sort of a peek at what's coming.


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