Jan 17, 2014

The Man in Charge

      Quick post this week, as I've been having a pretty busy time.  Things should ease up a bit next week.

      It occurred to me recently that for all the thought that I've put into Karic's super-soldier program in Novus Imperium, it's still missing some rather crucial things.  Things such as "someone who's in charge of it" and "an adequate name."

      I've had, I think, a rather interesting idea for the project head.  That's what I've been exploring the last couple days:

      At present I have not given him a name.  Briefly: he was born with a congenital disease which causes general physical frailness and severe muscular atrophy.  Because of this, he is supported by an external mobility frame, and has had various augmetic and prosthetic procedures performed.  He believes that he has a particularly strong grasp of just how fragile humans (and other sapients) really are.  While he has worked dutifully to fulfill his obligations to Karic's Office of Special Weapons and Resources (OSWAR), it's speculated that he offered to head up the super-soldier program for personal reasons.  It is his belief that cybernetic augmentation is the next step in the evolution of the galactic community's sapient species in an increasingly dangerous galaxy, and OSWAR has given him the means to begin bringing his vision to life.

      (Also, I decided to play around with an abbreviated version of my usual signature.  I guess I'll just have to see if it sticks.)

      And on that note, I sincerely need to come up with a name for this super-soldier program.  I've spent the last couple of days doing intensive research (read: "scouring Wikipedia") for terms and names from Western history and mythology that may fit.  Current favorites are as follows:

"Kairos" - In classical rhetoric, a term referring to a crucial moment in time, in which action must be taken.

"Minerva" - Probably the most familiar to readers, a goddess with several properties, two of which are defense and strategic warfare.

"Ananke" - A goddess of necessity or necessary application of force.  Can also represent fate/destiny.

      I'm currently leaning towards "the Kairos Project."

      Also, good gracious.  I was hoping to get this posted some four hours ago, but was interrupted about halfway through composing this, as I was reminded that I'd be attending a Madrigal Dinner at my brother's school.  The food and performance were both quite good.


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