Mar 7, 2014

Gunpla Fight 2014

      This week's post is a little something special.  I've had this project going on the side since last December, and have only just gotten it finished.  The MAHQ group on Facebook is hosting "Gunpla Fight 2014", an informal model-building contest celebrating the currently airing Gundam Build Fighters.

      I haven't yet taken the photos of my model that I'll be submitting, but I've taken a few test-shots just to get an idea of what I'll be going for with the final photos.  Meet the "Neptune Astray"!

      The base model is the HG 1/144 scale Gundam Astray Red Frame, and it incorporates a few bits from the Blue Frame Second L and an old Non-Grade kit of the Red Frame as well as a few other miscellaneous bits from my parts bin.  The kit has been very heavily modified; virtually every piece has been altered in some way.  Additionally, the feet, bicep components and the beam-edge sword and tanto knife are fully scratch-built (I felt the feet and biceps included in the kits were too large/bulky).

I may do a lengthier post over the weekend detailing all of the modifications and alterations that were required to make this custom model happen.


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