Feb 22, 2014

Egads, I Missed a Post!

      Well then, it seems I missed my weekly update yesterday.  In fairness, I've got very little to show for this last week art-wise.  I've been kept quite busy with papers and lab write-ups and and the first of several midterm tests.

      Most of what time I haven't spent on school-related things has been spent revisiting Dragon's Dogma, one of my all-time favorite fantasy RPGs.  Playing it has called to mind the fact that a few months back, my brother was considering organizing a weekly session with friends to play Dungeons and Dragons, and it occurs to me that I'd love to do designs for people's characters and help them to paint their miniatures.  I'll have to see if he'd still be interested in doing something similar over the summer.

      At any rate, it got me thinking about how I'd portray Reina (at this point sort of my default character archetype) in a Western fantasy setting:

      It's a rough sketch, clearly.  I've tried to portray her as a sort of Rogue-Ranger character, someone who spends most of their time out in the wilds.  Stylistically I've drawn inspiration from both Dragon's Dogma and the Monster Hunter series to try to affect a sort of cobbled-together look to her garb and equipment.

      Fair warning- this next week's post may be a bit sparse as well, as I've still got several large assignments ongoing.


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