Feb 7, 2014

Testing, Testing. (Part 2)

      I've had a lot of long days on campus this week, so most of what I've done is doing further work on the image that I'd posted as in-progress lineart last week:

      I'm quite happy with how the base colors came out.  I'm not quite sold on the shading, I'm still getting practice.  It occurs to me now that the musculature of the torso doesn't quite match the lines.  Ah well.  It can be corrected.

      It also occurred to me recently that I didn't do an updated reference sheet for Reina last year, so I'm getting a jump on that earlier in the new year than usual.  A new reference sheet is needed now more than ever, too, as she's undergone some significant changes since the 2012 reference.  This new reference is based on the reworking of her design that first showed up last Summer, when I started working on simplifying my existing designs.
      Her boots in this image lack the clamped shin-guards that they've sported for the last few years.  I'm still working on exactly how I want those to fit in, as where they are relative to the cargo pants has been rather inconsistent in my illustrations.

      I seem to be stuck on Reina at the moment.  I ought to see about giving my other characters some love.



  1. I'm new to this blog and really am interested in it. So I was wandering, is this a strict, personal project universe, or is there a comic or book about it?

    1. At the moment, Novus Imperium is a personal project that myself and a couple of friends have been working on for several years. At the moment, we're not quite sure what media format would best suit it.

    2. I would say do a book first, that way you could define on paper the universe, how it works, the people in it, etc. Then maybe a comic, but that's just my opinion.